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My Wiggly Jiggly Path to Tenure

This actually happened… I had a massive culture shock when I first moved to New York City to pursue my PhD at top R1 school. I was extremely mathematically underprepared and found myself in one of the most prestigious schools in the country among…

The Burnout

You run. It comes. You run. You stop. It stops. Am done.


Someone woke up not feeling like a vegetable 🥒 and started working.


I wanted to spend the summer in New York, so I decided to teach a summer session at NYU. Don’t we luck out with our decisions sometimes?!…

This Fall

This Fall… I looked for a house, found one and… renovated it… I went to England, Scotland, and Canada… I got P.’s ashes, two years and a half after we were separated… a year after he died… I mentored six research students… I submitted…