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Hello Vegas 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

So…. mmmmm…. ahmmmm… somehow we ended up in #Vegas Advertisements

When the snow is blowing at you

When the snow is blowing at you… #NYC

Hello hello home

First coffee of the next month and a half #NYC

Ann Arbor

Grateful that my job lets me work from someone’s backyard in some random city while I watch my daughter play outside. She’s on summer break and I can be both with her and working. She still drives me crazy but that’s just how it…

Ground sick

This weekend I flew to DC and got Lu back to Michigan. Lu’s like: mom can we get ‘ground sick’ (as in ‘home sick’ but for being too much in a plane away from the ground 🤣)? Now we’re at the pool relaxing and…


She got two awards while I was on the road… her teacher asked her to bring a parent. Her father went. Travel+school+homeschool+her= awards 😘


We are in #Frankfurt. Airports and waiting 😩🙃🙃