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Yeah forget it

I went to the office with a long list of to do’s… Then I changed my mind and drove back home… I marinated some chicken… Cleaned the oven… Organized the fridge… Picked up my daughter… And stayed at home. Advertisements

The story behind the photo

I got comments about how happy and colorful the photo that I posted with our 500 Likes on Facebook celebration looks. It’s amazing what stories could lie in the backgrounds of photos.  If you notice, everyone in the above picture is looking in the other…

500 fans!

(Photo: In Istanbul, Turkey)

Oh boy!

Lu to our friend in Richmond: “Brett did you know that boys have sticks coming out from their butts?” (Photo: this afternoon, in Richmond VA)

I have my breast scan tomorrow…

… and I am nervous. Please God I want to raise my daughter.

She’s growing

Good morning from #starbucks. Lu helped pull my dress zipper up. We have her school orientation this afternoon. Is this reality? Or a dream? Did she grow up this much? Someone wake me up. These are not tears. They’re just watery eyes. I love…

The social circles of a single mom

As a single mom, I find myself having 6 groups of friends that never mix, but somehow I fit perfectly in all of them.  1) The families: Mom, dad, and children.  Our social life: dinners with the kids, play dates, lunches, home improvement, trips,…