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#SunIsShining #loveisthesame

My awesome brother sent me this song, when I was questioning my strength and whether I can survive a loss so close to my heart…. And he said: Remember we are Lebanese [my name], we go through hell and then somehow emerge in heaven….

Packing. And leaving. To NYC. And Maine. With my camera. Without my work. I love Maine. Before meeting Maine.

As we near 2000 followers and page fans, I wanted to say thank you, for being there, behind the little screens but with much love and support. I also say, no matter what you’re going through in your life, what happened before or what…

Just another morning

I was getting dressed in the morning and I saw Lu peeking under the sheets.  “I am still sleeping,” she snubbed as she covered her head and disappeared completely in the duvet. Ha! SHE demanded more sleep- from ME!  What a great opportunity I have. To revenge…

Lu’s busy down there so I am prepping differential equations. That’s the only way to get some math done. Drinks and friends are involved, not in the math of course. #nerdy #worklifebalance

Happy labor day weekend!

We spent the weekend at our friends’ grandpa house out in the countryside.We woke up to a golden leisurely sunrise. I made spaghetti and meatballs and we packed them down to the lake. We walked to the beach with our swimming noodles, spread our…

Drive in theatre kids 🚗 (the moms are just taxi drivers, food buyers, and star gazers).