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I want to tell you a secret that few people know…

…. Lu, when you are afraid things will go wrong, then the negative energy in the universe is directed towards you, and then the bad gets created for you. Surrounds you. Haunts you. You help the universe create the negativity you projected, the same…

My daughter to strangers while in the elevator at my grad school in NYC, “you know this is mama’s school! She became a math professor here.” #brainy #proudchildren #nyc

I am a Mediterranean girl and I’ll take you there with me… #Saida #Lebanon

Friends, stay tuned, as Lu and I board a plane on Thursday, starting a series of trips to: Lebanon, NYC, Mexico, NYC again, Canada, London, Scotland, then back home, in Virginia, a couple months later 💜✈️🎉. We’re just getting fridge magnets #yippee #freespirit #onthego

#ParisAttacks #BeirutAttacks

We will be in Beirut next week, and we always stop in Paris. We will be there with you, with love covering your tears, with tears holding your martyrs, and we will never die, no matter how much these cowards try otherwise. ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬ ‪#‎BeirutAttacks‬

I made Lu a 50’s poodle skirt for her 50’s theme week. I’ll never be artsy 🐩. Momming in the States is not easy 😭.

I bet there is a shift that happens in children’s brains once they start kindergarten that suddenly hanging out with doughnuts at night, sitting on a random staircase under city lights, walking around aimlessly in the dark, is just all too normal again… After…