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She got two awards while I was on the road… her teacher asked her to bring a parent. Her father went. Travel+school+homeschool+her= awards 😘 Advertisements

Her heart!

She clung to me in bed last night crying that she doesn’t have friends at school and that no one likes her. I told her to find the good people in her classroom and talk to them, to tell the mean children that she…


I stayed in pjs, dropped her at school then came back home straight to bed. I woke up at noon just in time for my meeting. Thank goodness. #sleep #school #SlowBecauseItGetsCrazy

Teenage already?

She spent some considerable time at the mirror today. Does this happen so soon?! πŸ€”

First day first grade

#FirstDaySchool #FirstGrade This summer, she spent half of it in Mexico, and the other half traveling with me. She was with me everywhere: meetings, dentists, car accidents and insurance companies, Smokies, Michigan, Pittsburgh, New York, grocery stores, lakes, and lazy pj days. Tears, Lu…

Lucero’s QiPao

Lucero was learning about China at school the whole past week. She told me she wants to wear red, for the Chinese New Year. I immediately remembered that my brother had gotten her a Qipao from China, so I dressed her in it, and…