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My Wiggly Jiggly Path to Tenure

This actually happened… I had a massive culture shock when I first moved to New York City to pursue my PhD at top R1 school. I was extremely mathematically underprepared and found myself in one of the most prestigious schools in the country among…


Someone woke up not feeling like a vegetable 🥒 and started working.

England am coming

By some nice luck, I am officially invited to give a seminar in England. Yes, people know me and invite me to their universities in their countries. #feelingaccomplished #feelingproud #feelingbragging London guess who’s so important and coming to do science inside you!!!!! 🤓🤓🤓 🎉🎉

Lu’s busy down there so I am prepping differential equations. That’s the only way to get some math done. Drinks and friends are involved, not in the math of course. #nerdy #worklifebalance

Fall semester

Good morning blog lovers ❤️. I am about to go teach my first class for this year. This moment marks a new season, a fresh beginning… How many times can we have new beginnings in life? As much as we want, because that’s what…


Back to lipstick, office, and a new lovely Fall 💋. #academia #lifeofaprofessor


I teach mathematics and I love it. I raise my daughter, run, swim, travel, and write a blog…  (twitter hashtag #ilooklikeaprofessor)