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When I sit

Sitting by the fire, and thinking… how I finally moved, and reset my life. I am still in disbelief I lived in my previous town for two years and a half. It makes me sad. Have you ever grieved some time in your life…

By the river

I finally discovered the trails. #newtown

This Fall

This Fall… I looked for a house, found one and… renovated it… I went to England, Scotland, and Canada… I got P.’s ashes, two years and a half after we were separated… a year after he died… I mentored six research students… I submitted…

Five lives

I don’t want to start a new life. I’ve lived five already. #beaten

Crème brûlée

I have the next two weeks off. Lucero was sick the past couple days, so I kept her at home, and today she’s back at preschool. I ran all my errands. I want to have a quiet break. I hired a babysitter for Lucero,…