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There’s a song I listened to when I was a teenager… ‘I walk away from you, and our story is more beautiful, than April’s return, My one love, no do not cry, For your tears sculpt into my existence, I own nothing in this…

Virginia is for lovers

Marking off Virginia vineyards. 300 or so more to go…

Breakfast 😋

Breakfast: Oatmeal, blackberries, dried cranberries, walnuts, brown sugar, coffee #morning #healthy Gym in the afternoon, because it’s cold. Work from home, because it’s cold. I ❤️ the cold ❄️❄️

Too many places

Now how did I come back from this sun to a fourteen degree weather? 😳 A seventy degree drop in one flight?!

When the snow is blowing at you

When the snow is blowing at you… #NYC


I spent the whole conference in bed in a hotel room with a horrible flu, tissues, soup, medicine, Gatorade (I don’t know why that one but my friend got it for me and I drank it), pills, envelopes that contained powder that I dumped…

That magical time of the year

Festive day: the nutcracker ballet to iceskating to dinner to holiday parties. #cozy