When you’re getting dressed for work and you randomly discover a collection of stickers distributed across your body. #gottaloveyourkids


Super cute

Lu: I am writing a story because I need to update my blog.


Back to lipstick, office, and a new lovely Fall 💋. #academia #lifeofaprofessor

First day at school

I held my tears as she walked through these doors, with a big backpack, but without me. I was happy the traffic light was red, so I could stop and cry. She’s a big girl and she goes to school now ❤ #kindergarten ‪#‎firstdayschool‬

Yeah forget it

I went to the office with a long list of to do’s… Then I changed my mind and drove back home… I marinated some chicken… Cleaned the oven… Organized the fridge… Picked up my daughter… And stayed at home.

The story behind the photo


I got comments about how happy and colorful the photo that I posted with our 500 Likes on Facebook celebration looks. It’s amazing what stories could lie in the backgrounds of photos. 

If you notice, everyone in the above picture is looking in the other direction. They’re looking at a demonstration that had just erupted in famous Istiklal street (in Istanbul, Turkey). Lu and I were walking down Istiklal, when a crowd of more than a hundred people, some of them masked, blocked the street and a demonstration started. Police got there in no time and immediately tear gases were filling the air. I grabbed Lu and ran up an alley (pictured above), then started walking in a maze of streets that got narrower and darker as we progressed. We could still smell teargas, and Lu’s nose started bleeding. Every now and then we saw a masked man running and hiding in some corner. When I got confident that we were far enough from danger, it was dark and I was completely lost. 

I saw a group of old men chatting on a street near a coffee shop (a sight so common in Istanbul). I asked them to locate us on my map and showed them where our hotel was supposed to be. They didn’t speak English but everyone understands a lost person and what they want. They helped us, and we got to the hotel about two hours later, after asking many many locals. 

We changed and had dinner in our tiny and colorfully lit alley, while Lu’s nose was still bleeding. 

Why did we stop and take pictures? That’s what growing up in war does to you. You always anticipate an escape route, and you always document it to tell the story.


(Istanbul, Turkey- dinner with Lu’s nose bleed from the tear gases.)


(Istabul, Turkey- narrow lit alley.)

500 fans!

(Photo: In Istanbul, Turkey)