I want to tell you a secret that few people know…

…. Lu, when you are afraid things will go wrong, then the negative energy in the universe is directed towards you, and then the bad gets created for you. Surrounds you. Haunts you. You help the universe create the negativity you projected, the same moment you project it. It’s a simultaneous effect.

…. Lu, when you think of good, and feel it and picture it, when you are certain of its truth, then the universe creates the good for you, because you helped it create that. You asked it to create that. You forced it to, and it obeys because that’s how the infinite works… The infinite has an infinite, of everything.

Good and Bad. Virtue and Evil. Love and Hate. Peace and Rage.

…. Lu, few people know, but when you allow your soul to be in sync with the universe around you, you touch its fabric, then you can unleash your power, to shape it… You are so weaved into this fabric my dear. Born in it, and for it. Understand that, any movement you make, will move the universe along with you…

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