Life has taught me…

That there are people whose life is dominated by fear…

And others whose life is dominated by love…

Those who let their fears dictate their lives are utterly miserable…

While those who are saturated with love are content. They are a driving force of happiness, and tranquility. Their sadness is serene. Their stances are assertive… For they always know, very deep within, that whatever it is that life throws on them, they’ll face it with the courage of a loving heart. A courage, that a fearful heart will never know.

But sometimes, fearful hearts can wreak havoc in the lives of loving hearts, for fears are powerful, and they operate from a place unknown and foreign to loving hearts.

The good thing, however, is that love is infinite… While fears, most of the time, are not real. And those who surrender to their fears, or to other people’s fears, must, on the other hand, waste a very beautiful and loving life.

We just have to make sure, that our children learn the loving path, even though it is rocky sometimes. At the same time, they have to know it’s not really worth living any other life.

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