Lucero’s QiPao

Lucero was learning about China at school the whole past week. She told me she wants to wear red, for the Chinese New Year. I immediately remembered that my brother had gotten her a Qipao from China, so I dressed her in it, and she was so excited! She couldn’t wait to go to school, to show her friends and especially her teacher, her ‘real’ chinese dress!

We got out of the door faster than anytime I remember.. She ran to her classroom, took her jacket off, and stood there with a huge grin on her face, waiting for her teacher’s reaction. Even I was waiting for her teacher’s reaction for her over excitement! 

But then, her teacher had only this surprised look on her face. It was then that I realized, that the kids were supposed to wear red for China, the day before! That’s what her schedule said. The only thing is that, the day before is the day I pick Lucero up from the bed, sleeping, and take her to school, since I have to go to work so early. I remembered her schedule said something about the kids wearing red, but there is no way I could dress her a Qipao while trying not to wake her up, that, assuming that I had remembered, while half asleep myself!

It broke my heart. 

Lucero stayed very happy, and did not notice what I noticed. She wore her Qipao for two days in a row. I told myself that is all that matters, and, they were, after all, learning about China the whole week. Plus, even though all her friends wore red the day before, Lucero, the next day, wore an actual Qipao.

It still broke my heart. I am sorry my dear. 


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