I was woken up Thanksgiving night by Lucero shaking next to me, not talking, whimpering and groaning. I tried holding her she was still shaking and not responding.

I called an ambulance and 10 minutes later we were at the hospital, with Lucero’s 106 degrees fever.

We spent the night at the ER, and were discharged in the morning. Lucero has pneumonia, and I am keeping her at home, heavily medicated, for the next few days. She was having a seizure, and I am so thankful I woke up to realize that, and for the mere existence of 911.

I had never had to rush Lucero to the hospital before.

When the paramedics were leaving with her little self wrapped in blankets and cuddled in their big arms, I was running around trying to grab some warm clothes for her. I told them I will drive behind you, because we need the car to come back. They were surprised, “there is no one else here?” I said “No. Actually, I cannot drive, I am shaking.” 

The nurses were asking me many questions, I had them repeat most of them, more than once. I was in shock. I had no idea what time it was, what time this started, what my last name was, or her date of birth.

When Lucero was finally responding and declared, “mama I was shaking! It is because my white blood cells are trying to kill the virus in my nose!”, I collapsed in tears. I then realized that my feet were freezing, because I wore my wet boots without any socks. I had also forgotten Lucero’s shoes. We left the hospital in the morning, in a cab, with two pairs of cold feet. 

Lucero had been sick since Tuesday, but I had promised to go out sledding with her and her friends on Thanksgiving, after dinner. We did, it was a blast, and this was the result.

Speak of bad single mothering…


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