Trash Day

I convinced Lucero to wait for me while I throw the trash away. The trash container downstairs is huge, closed, and has a window on the side to toss the bags inside. 

Well, I tossed my keys with the trash.

They settled on the bottom of the container, with all the disgusting bags.

Horrified, but composed, I stood there staring at the trash. I took my jacket and almost everything I was wearing off, climbed the window and leapt into the container, with all the trash, and my keys. 

I tried to not think of what was happening and exit as fast as I entered. But no, there are moments in life when time seems to freeze and everything proceeds in slow motion. 

I tried to climb out the same way I came in, but my hands slipped and I fell back. I hurt my knee! Now I really had to jump out! (I have already deleted from my memory that I made a trash-step to actually be able to get out.)

I gathered my clothes and as I walked up the stairs Lucero was calling on me, “mama are you back?”.

“What is that stinky smell?” 

“It’s me.”

Yup, your mum was in a trash container today.

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