Grief is difficult, painful, sad, deep, silent, long, lonely, unpredictable…

Why did we evolve to feel grief?

Why is it that with all the distractions in the world, all the goals we set for ourselves, all the new people we meet, all the movies we watch, all the hugs from our friends, the kisses from our child, grief still creeps into us?

Why is it that we find ourselves tearing, at the most random times? Why is it that after eight months, we still fall apart? Is it because we still love, or is it because we loved? Which one is it, and does it really matter? Shouldn’t we just forget, and live?

I live, but grieve… There was life before my heart, and life after my broken heart. In between.. there was.. once… much more.

And there are.. the many whys.   

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