Pool and Salsa Dancing Party…

We live two hours away from D.C.. Just me and my daughter, Lucero. My family lives 6000 miles away, in a different world.

We moved to the area 8 months ago. The past few months, I only had one goal: make a good life in this place. Cooking, running, working, meeting people, traveling around, relaxing, and healing..

This weekend, we were at a pool party in D.C.. The party was on a building rooftop, overlooking D.C. and the monuments.

I took off my heals, and dipped my feet in the bubbling hot tub. I sat at the edge, watching Lucero giggle and play with the older kids. Their father put all of his three children, and Lucero, on his back and was running around in the pool. The kids were exhilarated.

I pulled out of the hot tub, did not put my heals back on, and walked towards the pool. The father cheered at me: “Let me adopt her, I want to adopt Lucero. Then you can be single again. She’s wonderful!”

I looked back at him, “No, she’s mine!”, and I thought to myself, “I am single, and I am Lucero’s mum.”

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